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hi there,

we’re really excited to introduce shofaronline.tv. it’s a brand new website where you’ll find great videos, including our church’s sermons, training material, testimonies, music videos and conference sessions.

it’s really easy to use and designed to equip you. but, most importantly, we trust that it’ll be a place where we can connect with you.

on the site you’ll see a link for prayer requests. please send them – we’d love to pray with you! please also consider partnering with us in the shofaronline.tv ministry by making a donation.

bless you!
fred may


fred may

partner organisations

we are proud to be associated with some dynamic organisations. through continuous interaction we assist one another to fulfil our mandates in our respective areas of service. together we can do it better and faster. click the images below to follow the link to their websites.


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what is shofaronline.tv?

shofaronline.tv hosts key sermons and other visual resources produced by the Shofar church movement. For more information, please contact us at info@shofaronline.org or visit www.shofaronline.org

For prayer requests please contact us at prayer@shofaronline.org or call +27 21 809 9400.

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