Heinrich Titus – A Beautiful Mourning 2

Part Two

It’s been two weeks since our first message, “A Beautiful Mourning” with Pastor Heinrich Titus. The response has been so tremendous and the message so extensive that we have continued the conversation in a second message. Part Two deals with the issue of pain in the church on an even deeper level.

If we as the Church is called as a prophetic community to display to the world how to deal with pain and betrayal, to welcome imperfect people who are hurting, why are we ourselves hurt and why can we not mend those who are in dire need of the Lord’s compassion, mercy, forgiveness and healing? What should we do to align ourselves with His plans and to walk out of that place of healing within our own walls? We are called to be His example in this world to deal with grief and pain. But first we need to learn to be mended ourselves. Why is the church not allowing our hearts to be mended?

Sermon Notes:
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