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This Small Group Series consists of four parts built around our theme #knownforlove, each divided into bite-sized video clips accompanied by a workbook. The sessions are excerpts from Shofar Convergence conference 2017 and continue the conversation that started with one crucial question: Where is the love?

God calls us to love our families, our communities and the nations, but loving others is not always as easy as it sounds. How do we show God’s love to a broken and hurting world? Love is not afraid to be honest. Love is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Join us as we discover how we can be #knownforlove.

Part 1 – Love in Legacy
Part 2 – Love in Action
Part 3 – Love in Truth (coming soon…)
Part 4 – Love in Forgiveness (coming soon…)


Part 1: Love in Legacy
3 video clips + workbook



FAMILY AND HOME with Dr. John Andrews

We all have the opportunity to create intimate spaces where we are able to spend time with friends, family and loved ones, imparting what God has done in our lives. Home is the one place where we cannot hide who we really are, but is rather the crucible of identity, instruction and intimacy.

LOOKING FORWARD with Ps. Heinrich Titus

God calls us to be lovers of His house who listen to His voice. The Church is His hands, feet and heart in this world. In looking forward, we are called to move as one to where God is calling us.


We all have our stories – many of them include scars, pain, disappointments and tragedy. But we have a God who loves us and who has a redemptive purpose that can transform our stories into a legacy that we can leave behind.


Part 2: Love in Action
4 video clips + workbook



STAND IN THE GAP with PS. Ross van Niekerk

We have all been chosen, like Aaron, to stand in the gap. So, look for the gap, look for the firing line, look for the plague outbreak, and position yourself to do what you were created to do.

BEING PRESENT with Ps. Sias Le Roux

Any love in action must and can only flow out of us having first become present to God, having returned to Him as our first love and our treasure. Everything we could ever do, comes from that place first.

MOVED BY COMPASSION with Ps. Ross van Niekerk and Ps. Sias le Roux

Love in action is not love in action unless it is stirred by compassion.

BROKEN VESSELS with Ps. Ross van Niekerk and Ps. Sias le Roux

Irrespective of who you are and the brokenness you carry, you are chosen, you are loved, and you can and should do what He calls you to because He is the One who makes it possible.