Spiritual Resilience – Undaunted series // part 1

Do you feel discouraged? How many times did you give up or feel like giving up? Do you feel like saying: “Enough is enough!”, “I can’t take it anymore!”, “I give up!” or “ I resign.” Ps Theuns shares an important message for us in this tumultuous times about God’s promise, that enables us to build up our spiritual resilience to not give up too soon and walk away and therefore missing out on the promise.

Mental Resilience – Undaunted series // part 2

Do life sometimes take the wind out of your sails? What do you do then? Are you so focussed on keeping control over your life and the circumstances around you, but experience just more and more how things just spin out of control? How do you deal with this? Or is it all in the mind? Theuns shares in this second part of the ‘Undaunted’ sermon series about how we can build up our Mental resilience

Relational Resilience – Undaunted series // part 3

Do you have friends that stick with you no matter what? Are you such a friend to others? Theuns shares in this last part of the “Undaunted” sermon series about the importance of relationships with each other and how that plays a crucial role in not just persevering & enduring, but being being pushed forward during time of adversity.